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Studio Etiquette

At our studio, we want to create an environment that encourages learning for everyone by respecting the teachers and students.

  1. We have a 24 hour cancelation policy.  You may be charged for canceling your lesson or failing to show up for a scheduled appointment.
  2. We are not a studio of divas and big egos. Be friendly, encouraging, and kind to all! : )
  3. Please silence your cell phones.  If you have an emergency, please make the call off of the dance floor.
  4. Ballroom dancing is a close contact sport. Remember mints and deodorant.
  5. Be on time to your class. If you are running late to your private lesson, please call us.  If you are late to a group lesson, you are welcome to join in, but the instructor will not be able to start over for you.
  6. We encourage warming up before private and group lessons.  Please give the right of way to students on private lessons.
  7. Our group classes have students of all levels. Do not correct another student’s dancing unless they ask you a question.  That is the job of the instructor.  When the instructor chooses not to correct something, it is for a reason.
  8. Questions are always welcome during group classes.  If you are new to dancing, you may want to talk to a Premier instructor before you come in for a group lesson to ensure proper placement.  Some classes are aimed at beginner dancers, and others are geared more towards advanced students.
  9. Respect the instructor and your partner by not dancing ahead or free-styling during group lessons.
  10. Please keep negative comments to yourself during group classes.  If you have a disagreement with the instructor, address it privately with the instructor.  Do not disrespect the instructor in front of the class.
  11. We do not have a set dress code.  Please dress appropriately for a dance studio.  Ladies, wear “dance pants” or shorts under your skirt.  Here is an example of “dance pants“. Men, no cut off shirts please.
  12. Dance shoes are preferred, but street shoes are welcome.  Please check for rocks or exposed stiletto heel nails before you step onto the dance floor.


Please keep these things in mind when you are at Premier Ballroom, and also when you are a guest at other studios.  We love hearing positive feedback from other professionals about our students.