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“Life gets crazy and overwhelming at times! Finances, children, work etc. For a few hours a week I can put it all aside and step into Premier Ballroom, an elegant, beautiful, and relaxing place to be! Nathan and Delayna are both top professionals, I love learning dance from them. As my instructor, Nathan is a kind and patient teacher, we have such fun! Dancing has built up my confidence so much that I’m actually looking forward to the next Showcase to dance in front of my family and friends. Salsa, Waltz, Hustle, Swing, Rumba, and Cha Cha. These are some of the dances I’ve learned and continue to improve on. I now walk like a dancer, with my head up, and shoulders back. I’m so thankful for Premier Ballroom, and all the wonderful supportive friends I’ve met there, a GREAT group of people!”
– Google User
“Julie, our dance turned out so great!! We blew all our friends and families minds! We can’t thank you enough! My dad and I did so great too. People could not believe it. We looked great!! Thank you so much for everything!”
– Jodi & Aaron
“Premier Ballroom is my favorite place to be! The atmosphere is warm and inviting, as well as classy and professional. Nathan and Delayna are amazing instructors and teach great technique while keeping things fun. I have met some of the most wonderful people through dancing at Premier Ballroom, and would encourage anyone to dance there!!”
– Mike C.
“If you haven’t tried ballroom dancing and want to, Premier Ballroom is the place to go. Nathan and Delayna are fabulous instructors, extremely talented, and their prices are excellent. For those who already dance, you will love the location and the ambiance.”
– Julie B.
“I love dancing in your ballroom, the environment makes all the difference, besides having the best teachers, Thank you so much!”
– Janine E.
“I’ve known Nathan and Delayna for nearly four years. Nathan was my first dance instructor, and was able to relate complicated moves to a novice, as well as take an experienced dancer to new heights. I also took lessons from Delayna, who taught me the fluidity of motion I needed to look capable on the dance floor. They have not only been inspirational instructors to me, but have become friends. You would do yourself a great disservice not to begin or continue your dance journey at Premier Ballroom.”
– Audrey L.
“This studio is not only a place you can call home, but the couple who run it, Nathan and Delayna, are living the closest thing I have seen to the American Dream! Keep the dream alive! Go learn to dance!”
– Koral W.
“Premier Ballroom is filled with wonderful quality people and fantastic instructors. They have a very fun yet professional atmosphere. I have enjoyed every minute spent there.”
– Maithili W.
“Delayna and Nathan are the best. We went in to work on our wedding dance and have continued for a year now. My wife and I don’t have any interest in competition and approach it as couple time and they were happy to accommodate.”
– Rex W.
“We had a great experience learning a first dance with Delayna at Premier Ballroom. She was friendly and encouraging, jumped right in with our song, and introduced us to simple but impressive steps that were right at our level. At each session (4 total) she taught us just the right number of new things that we could handle practicing until the next session. At our final session, she taught us some great tips that really helped polish up our moves so that we felt confident and prepared. Our guests can’t stop talking about our first dance and how surprised they were by our “performance!” We had a great time, and Delayna was fun and professional through the entire process. The location is great for us, we can’t wait to go back and take some group lessons. I would (and already have!!) recommend Premier Ballroom to any engaged couples…or anyone in the market for dance lessons!”
– Michal F.
“Premier Ballroom makes it easy for dancers of all ages to come and enjoy an evening of instruction and dancing with their Dance Parties. They make for a fun and romantic date night! Nathan and Delayna make you feel comfortable with steps and make you want to come back again and again.”
– Amie R.
“The instructors, Nathan and Delayna, really care about their students. They listen, make constructive suggestions, and keep dancing fun, no matter how hard I work.”
– Alexa B.
“I am a student at Premier Ballroom and the instructors, Nathan and Delayna are remarkable. They are very kind, funny and they’re very intelligent teachers. I love the way the teach you dances because they make it so easy to understand that you’ll get the steps just like that and learn a lot. All in all, I LOVE PREMIER BALLROOM.”
– Johanne D.
“Nathan and Delayna are truly inspiring instructors – everything from their attitude, teaching style, their own dancing, etc is top notch! They make learning fun, and we have made amazing progress from brand new beginners to competition.”
– Amy S.
“They teach dance to everyone…young and old, like us!”
– Marge B.
“Premier Ballroom offers a wide variety of dance styles for every experience level. The instructors are energetic, skilled and patient and bring to the dance floor creative flair that keeps students coming back for more! Classes have increased in size every week despite the downturn of the economy. That in itself speaks to the caliber of these classes. I can’t wait to learn it all!”
– Alison B.